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Types of Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love

The kitchen cabinet you choose will ultimately define the design style of your space. Before picking cabinets, it's important to consider the differences and advantages of the types, categories, and styles that are available to you.

This guide explains them all and offers information and inspiration that will help you when deciding which kitchen cabinets to pick for your remodels.

1. Shaker

The most common style for cabinets today is the Shaker-style. The Shaker-style consists of five pieces of flat-panel, creating a frame with four pieces and with a single flat centre panel as the fifth piece. This is a popular trend because of the simple and classic look they offer to either a traditional or contemporary design, HGTV explains.

Shaker cabinets have several trademark characteristics including flat panelled doors with rail frames, sturdy construction with quality wood, and utilitarian designs. When it comes to the materials used for Shaker-style kitchen cupboards, you’ll most often find they come in high-quality American wood, especially that traditionally found in the northeastern United States. Some wood commonly used for shaker cabinets is cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak.

2. Raised Panel

Besides shaker-style, raised panel kitchen cabinets are among the most popular design choices. Timeless yet visually stimulating, the three-dimensional structure of these kitchen cabinet doors fits well with any interior design style. The center panel of these cabinet doors is slightly raised and adds dimension to the look.

Most commonly used in traditional homes, this elegant cabinet style looks beautiful in every color and wood type imaginable.

Dark espresso cabinets paired with light granite countertops will result in a cozy traditional space while two-toned white and blue raised panel cabinets can turn your kitchen into a coastal dream.

3. Flat-Panel or Slab

Also known as “slab” cabinet doors, flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are simple but stylish. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet style offers hard lines and minimalist form and lacks any expensive detail. The appearance of the simple flat-panel cabinet makes it a great fit for both contemporary and modern kitchens.

Flat-panel cabinets can be constructed in many different ways. According to The Spruce, one consistent feature of this style is the fact that the slab doors do not have any frames. Rather, they are simply solid slabs, reflecting their name.

4. Inset

Just as their name suggests, inset-style cabinets are made up of an inset door set inside the cabinet frame instead of outside of the frame like typical cabinet doors. According to Houzz, each door is designed and built using incredibly precise measurements to ensure the wood sits inside the frame and opens and closes correctly.

Inset kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers are some of the most expensive on the market, but their classic look can last years. Inset cabinetry is easy to personalize to create custom cabinets with either beaded or non-beaded inserts. According to Master Brand, beaded inset construction is fitted into the cabinet door itself. This provides an edge detail with fine craftsmanship.

5. Glass Front

Also called open frame doors, glass-front kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to openly display their kitchen items. Whether you want to show off unique plates, crystal vases, or your collection of international beer mugs, you can keep items like these safe yet visible behind glass-front cabinets. Unlike open shelves, glass-front cabinets provide more storage space and will protect your possessions from collecting dust.

Oftentimes, this style cabinet is used for certain areas in your kitchen or dining room and not throughout an entire kitchen. Wall cabinets or a tall cabinet with glass-front doors can elevate your space and will pair well with shaker, raised, or inset-style doors covering the remaining cabinets in your kitchen.

While more delicate and difficult to clean, glass-front cabinets are the perfect choice for homeowners who like to keep things tidy and want to add a unique touch to their kitchen.

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